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Phobia Help: Flower Essences

Bach Flower Remedies (also known as “Essences”)

EFT addresses your subtle but powerful electrical flow to treat your emotions. Another safe, easy and affordable option for reducing fear is using flower remedies. I’ve used and benefited from them myself, and sincerely recommend them for almost any emotional or psychological difficulties.

Bach Flower remedies are made from 38 different flowering plants and trees. Each remedy addresses a particular feeling or emotional pattern if taken every day. (The effects of the remedies when taken regularly are profound, but can take time to work.)
Please consult with your doctor before using any remedy if you have any doubts, and certainly if you are pregnant or nursing a baby.

Rescue Remedy

The best-known of the Bach Flower remedies is probably Rescue Remedy, a combination of 5 remedies, often used for acute stress. Some people travel with the tiny bottles wherever they go, or keep some in their medicine chest. Those of us in the animal rescue community might add a few drops of the remedy to the drinking water of the feral cats we seek to socialize.

Which remedies for fear of water?

Stefan Ball of the Dr. Edward Bach center suggests the following remedies for fear of water:

Mimulus – basic fear of water, without the sudden panic

Rock Rose – genuine, overwhelming terror

Cherry Plum – panic with loss of self-control. This feeling can cause a frightened swimmer to struggle with a rescuer

Aspen – vague, spooky fear, not directed at anything specific

Red Chestnut – fear for another’s safety, as with a non-swimming mother fearful for her expert-swimmer son who’s going on a scuba trip

Star of Bethlehem – for easing fear related to a past trauma

Larch – remedy for the related issue such as lack of confidence (“I’ll never learn to swim”)

Other Flower Remedies

I love Green Hope Farm flower essences. Love them. Read the descriptions and see which essences “choose” you. Go now, and enjoy.


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